Montag, Oktober 19, 2015


I have seen that I did not post for more than a year, seems that I have switched to facebook to reach more people. so you can follow me on facebook or like our BeeSPutty page...

Montag, August 05, 2013

Color for BeeSPutty :-)

We are working on a colorbatch. It was hard to find some colorful pigments that dose ont tint your hands to much during working/kneading our putty. I feel like I have tested tons of pigments, liquids :-(. Once I have found one that looks good - it has another color after baking it. Now I have found a good working source of coloring BeeSPutty. Its NonToxic, colorful and dose not tint your hands like other puttys do. So we have to do more tests on this. If you work with colorful putty you never need only one color. So we would like to do some colorsets that makes sense. Maybe there will be some kind of flyer with some cool suggestions of how and what you can do with colorful BeeSPutty...

Sonntag, Juni 02, 2013

Mad Hatter in BeesPutty


Hi, back agein with a brand new product. A new awsome bakeable sculpting putty named BeeSPutty. I have managed to merge my blog with my facebook acount so in the future you will get more updates here. we are proud to have our BeeSPutty ready for sale.
for all  facebook user this is my blog

Montag, April 30, 2012

Textur Pattern FUR

This plates are made from a strong but flexible material. With this you can pressmould the texture to your putty very sharp. The set contains 3 50x50mm plates. Each plate has a more or less fur texture.

Mittwoch, April 11, 2012

Montag, April 02, 2012


Skulltime. We have two new kits in stock. A grey and a white resinskull for artists reference. To sculpt a human head you need fundamental knowledge about the anatomie of the human skull. The skull is the basic armature for sculpting a head.

Montag, März 26, 2012

Tooltime, next batch of the FUR sculptingtool

Thank you for your trust in my tools. Im a one man show, so sometimes I can't produce my tools as soon as they sell. Here is a brand new batch.. You can order on